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The Kids' Guide to Mommy's Breast Cancer is a book I collaborated on with author Karyn Stowe as the illustrator and book designer. A breast cancer survivor, Karyn realized there wasn't an adequate resource out there for mother's to discuss breast cancer with their children.

Together, and with the help and support of Rethink and The Princess Margaret Hospital, we created a children's picture book that would help families understand what women go through when dealing with breast cancer.

The book is available for purchase at Amazon or at Chapters/Indigo.


The book began with a full character design study and world build. I sketched loads of designs and possible characters before we decided on the look and feel we liked best. 

A big challenge for us was how to show kids and families what treatment looked like without making it freaky. I decided to blend photography with illustration which provided a unique world for our characters to live in and an excellent tool for mom's to talk about what they were going through with their kids in a way that the kids could actually see and understand.

This illustration shows how chemotherapy is provided via an IV drip.

Below are sample pages from the book blending illustration, photos and text.

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