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The best businesses thrive by sharing meaningful stories. Do you know yours?

It’s noisy out there. Businesses are spending billions of dollars trying to capture the attention of customers who are overwhelmed by messages they can’t relate to. Facts, stats and data won’t cut through the noise, but something can—STORIES.

Your customers are people, and people seek out connection. Well told stories have the power to connect people on an emotional level. They are memorable and shareable. They stand out—differentiating you and your leadership from everyone else.

Over a 90-minute virtual session, you will become immersed in story. We will go deep into the practice and power of storytelling and how it can improve your business. We’ll then lead you through a three-hour interactive module with a deep dive into “The Story of Leadership” sharing and deconstructing frameworks to help you connect powerfully with your personal and business audiences.

Join us for our November 2020 sessions:

Power, Practice and Performance of Story, Virtual Session 1: November 24, 9 – 10:30 a.m. (MDT)
Story of Leadership Module, Virtual Session 2: November 25, 9 a.m. – 12:00 noon (MDT)

Cost for both modules: $395.00 + GST (Registration will be capped, so register early)


  • Your personal story told impactfully and with clarity

  • Your refined corporate story, adapted for different audiences and different broadcast channels

  • Three proven story templates (frameworks for future storytelling) that can be applied to any personal or business opportunity or challenge

  • Audience mapping techniques

  • Tips and tricks for better story performance

  • How leadership and storytelling combine for success

  • Worksheets for in-module use and for future ideation

We know what you’re asking yourself. “Why should I work with Michelle and Jason?”

Well, together we bring over 50 years of strategic communications experience with clients as awesome as Disney, National Geographic Kids, Electronic Arts, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Travel Alberta, Parks Canada and TELUS (among many others). Our shelves are overflowing with awards (ok, not overflowing but we’ve got a bunch if you want to see them). More importantly, we are passionate about the power of story and sharing our insights with people like you. We’re deliberately keeping the registrant numbers small, so you’re not just another face in the crowd. We love what we do and care deeply about helping you succeed. So yeah, that’s why you should work with us. Please join us on our adventure to better storytelling and helping you meet your goals.


Michelle loves nothing more than connecting with others to help them share their stories.

She is a certified facilitator and has served as a faculty member at the Banff Centre’s Leadership Institute. Michelle leads the team at Shift Consulting Inc., which is also based in Banff, Alberta. Michelle brings more than 20 years of senior level communications and marketing expertise to every project. She has worked with a range of companies and organizations in Canada to create awareness of their programs, build understanding around issues and share their stories. Her ability to identify audience insights through research, understand communication gaps and apply proven strategic planning skills, has helped her develop innovative and integrated solutions that deliver solid results for clients.

Michelle has a degree in Communications, a diploma in Advertising and Public Relations, and accreditation as a professional communicator from the International Association of Business Communicators. Her work has been recognized with more than 25 regional, national and international awards.

Michelle is also a published author, travel writer and part-time adventure seeker.


Jason is obsessed with innovating new ways of creating amazing stories that are absurdly memorable and wickedly effective.

Blending the practical with the theoretical, Jason’s 25 years of television, mobile gaming, book publishing and advertising industry experience is complimented with 12 years as a Professor of Story at Sheridan College.

He has worked as a writer, story artist, animation director, animator and designer on productions for Disney Jr., Disney Interactive, Warner Brothers, CBC, Teletoon, National Geographic Kids and the Cartoon Network among others. As an artist and animator for Electronic Arts in England he created some of the first designs for the Harry Potter game series before the movies had been released. Imagine the pressure of getting Hagrid’s design right!

Jason is also the founder of The Storyist, a storytelling-based leadership and communications consulting business, and creator of The Art of Dad, a visual storytelling property that explores the pains and joys of parenthood.

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