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Jason Thompson  403-431-5278


Remy & Boo, Story artist, (Industrial Brothers October 2018-May 2019))

Enchanting Leela, Story artist, (Nelvana May 2018)

Hello Charlie, Story artist, (Echo Media December 2017- February 2018)

DNAce, Story artist, (Nelvana October 2017- December 2017)

The Pirate Cat, Story artist, (Toonbox Entertainment May 2017)

Remy and Boo, Story artist and story consultant, (The Industrial Brothers 2016 - present)

Billy Grunder Boy Wonder, Illustration beat board artist, (Industrial Brothers/Jim Henson Co. 2016 - Feb 2017)

The Family Dynamic, Lead Designer, Animation and Story Consultant (YTV/Corus Entertainment 2013 - 2016)

The Yup Yup’s, Story artist, writer (Radical Sheep Productions/Family Channel, 2013 - 2014)

Stella and Sam, Story artist (Radical Sheep Productions/Family Channel/Disney Playhouse, 2009 – 2011)

Producing Parker, Story artist (Breakthrough Entertainment, 2009)

Peter Pepper, Story artist (Cookie Jar Entertainment, 2009)

Busytown Mysteries, Story artist (Cookie Jar Entertainment/CBC, 2008 – 2009) 

Johnny Test, Story artist (Cookie Jar Entertainment/Teletoon/Cartoon Network, 2008 – 2009)

Will and Dewitt, Story artist (Story City/Teletoon/Cartoon Network, 2007 – 2008) 

Busytown Mysteries, Story artist (Story City/CBC, 2007 – 2008) 

Gotta Catch Santa, Story artist (Story City/Warner Brothers Pictures, 2007)

Iggy Arbuckle, Story artist (CORE Digital Pictures/National Geographic Kids, 2006-2007)

Little People, Animation Director (Cuppa Coffee Animation/Fisher Price, 2006)

JoJo’s Circus, Animation Director (Cuppa Coffee Animation/Disney, 2005 – 2006)

Celebrity Deathmatch, Animation Director (Cuppa Coffee Animation/MTV, 2005)

A Miser Brother’s Christmas, Animator (Cuppa Coffee Animation/Warner Brothers Pictures, 2008)

JoJo’s Circus, Story artist (Cuppa Coffee Animation/Disney, 2003)

JoJo’s Circus, Animator (Cuppa Coffee Animation/Disney, 2002 – 2005)



Sago School, Writer and Story artist (Sagomini, 2019 – present)

Tickle Tap Apps, Creative Consultant (Sago Sago, 2012 – 2017)

The Kids’ Guide to Mommy’s Breast Cancer, Creator, IOS storybook app, 2012

Stella and Sam, Story artist (ZincRoe Interactive, 2009 – 2011)



Theme Park World III, Designer (Electronic Arts, 2000)

F1 2000 PlayStation II, Animator (Electronic Arts, 2000)


The Kids’ Guide to Mommy’s Breast Cancer, Designer and illustrator (Authorhouse, 2011)


2018-2019                 Story Artist, Industrial Brothers, Remy & Boo

2018                            Story Artist, Nelvana, Enchanting Leela
2017 - 2018               Story Artist, Echo Media, Hello Charlie 

2017                            Story Artist, Nelvana, DNAce 

2012 - present           Creative Consultant (story and animation), Sago Sago, Tickle Tap Apps, IOS and android apps
2013 - 2016              Lead Designer and Creative Consultant (story and animation), The Family Dynamic, YTV/Corus Entertainment
2012 - 2013              Writer, Radical Sheep Productions and The Industrial Brothers, The Yup Yup’s, Family Channel 
2012 - 2013              Story Artist, Radical Sheep Productions and The Industrial Brothers, The Yup Yup’s, Family Channel 
2011 - present            President, JarT Studios, The Kids’ Guide to Mommy’s Breast Cancer, print publication and IOS app 
2000 – present          Freelance Artist, Microsoft, Zellers, Toronto Rock, Key Gordon Communications, Butterfield & Robinson, CIBC
2009 – 2012             Story Artist, Radical Sheep Productions and Mercury Filmworks, Stella and Sam, Family Channel
2009 – 2011              Story Artist, Zinc Roe Interactive, Stella and Sam, IOS app/online
2008 – 2009            Story Artist, Cookie Jar Entertainment, Busytown Mysteries, CBC; Johnny Test, Teletoon
2008                            Lead Animator, Cuppa Coffee Studios, The Meiser Brothers Christmas, Warner Brothers Pictures
2007 – 2008             Story Artist, Story City, Busytown Mysteries, CBC; Will and Dewitt, Teletoon; Gotta Catch Santa, Warner Brothers
2006                            Story Artist, CORE Digital Pictures, Iggy Arbuckle, National Geographic Kids
2005 – 2006             Animation Director, Cuppa Coffee Studios, JoJo’s Circus, Disney Playhouse; Little People, Family Channel; Celebrity                                                     Death Match, MTV
2003                            Story Artist, Cuppa Coffee Studios, JoJo’s Circus, Disney Playhouse 
2002 – 2005             Lead Animator, Cuppa Coffee Studios, JoJo’s Circus, Disney Playhouse; Starveillance, Cartoon Network; A Very Barry                                                   Christmas, CBC
2000                            Assistant Animator and Designer, Electronic Arts, F1 2000 Playstation II, Theme Park World III
1998 – 1999               Senior Account Executive, Ogilvy & Mather


2013 - 2015               Professor, Faculty of Animation and Game Design, Sheridan College ANIM 17198, ANIM 45436, GAMES 16367
2009 – 2012             Instructor, Faculty of Animation and Design, Sheridan College ANIM 45436, ANIM 36259
2012                            Course Instructor, RTA School of Media, Ryerson University BDC 961/MP 8961
2010                            Course Instructor, RTA School of Media, Ryerson University BDC 961/MP 8961
2006 – 2008            Instructor, Faculty of Animation and Design, Sheridan College ANIM 45436


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